Visitors insights in real time

17+ Attributes
Customer journey Id
Dwell time
Glasses  & many more.

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Built-in analytics & reports

Reports by days, week, month and year
Conversion from traffic to leads
Customer journey analysis
API integration

Visitors Insights suits all your needs

Make data-driven decisions

Audience demographics and emotions
Real conversions in channels
Marketing performance
Partner performance
Detailed reports by day, week, month & year

Peak times with traffic heat-maps

Find when the target audience comes to your stores
Manage staff according to traffic data
Measure staff efficiency
Know customer portraits in different stores
Help salespeople sell more with targeting

Manage all your hardware at one place

Remote device management
Hardware map
Network monitoring
Logs of all actions
Quickly manage multiple devices with groups

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Make data-driven decisions

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    Analyse the effectiveness of personnel

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    Enrich online targets with data about real visitors

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    Compare the performance of different subsidiaries

Sell more with effective marketing built on collected data

Unlock the power of insights to tailor your campaigns and drive unparalleled engagement.

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Plan with an interactive schedule

Dynamic visual charts
Zoned timeline
Planning systems

Automate schedule by flexible rule

At the right time and dates
By triggers from CRM, POS, etc
By attributed of the audience in front of the screens

Target by a specific audience segments

Play a campaign when they your visitors are watching
Demographic triggers: Age, gender etc
Behavior triggers: Dwell-time, emotion based etc

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